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Cbeyond provides phone, high speed Internet, and IT services to small businesses in major cities across the U.S., including Atlanta (headquarters), Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, San Diego, Seattle, Washington D.C.

We offer more than 30 productivity-enhancing applications, including local and long-distance voice, broadband Internet, mobile, BlackBerry®, broadband laptop access, voicemail, email, web hosting, fax-to-email, data backup, VPN and cloud servers. Call Cbeyond today at 866-424-2710

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"We've been a Cbeyond customer since 2003. We originally signed up with Cbeyond because of the reliability issues that we were having with our previous phone company and we were interested in the technology that they were using back then. Since then, we've stayed with them mainly because of the services they provide and the customer service that we've received.

We use Cbeyond's secure backup to backup our POS system as well as some accounting files. We back up within our company but then we also backup online with that service so that we get maximum protection. We use our e-mail services to keep in contact with customers throughout the world. We ship saddles internationally all the time and it gives us the opportunity to answer those customer's questions and they don't have the expense of having to call us with international rates.

We like having all the services within one company. That gives us the opportunity to only have one bill and one point of contact if we do have any problems and when we have, we've been very happy with the customer service that we've been provided when we do have an issues. I've even had Cbeyond call me and say "you appear to be having a problem with this" and we weren't even aware that we had a problem, but they were already working on it. So, that was very convenient and efficient for us."


"We chose Cbeyond because of the value that they provide. We were able to bundle together several different services in one location. It made it very easy to switch. The value was there. The price was less than the competition. We got phone through landlines and mobile lines and even high speed internet in one convenient spot.

One of the great features of Cbeyond that we weren't even aware of was the data storage backup of our computers. We do a lot of laptop work where I'll go home with it and do work at home. My three year old son at the time, he's now six, wiped out my whole laptop. It had everything on it: my whole business. It had all of our plans, our programs, our training protocol, marketing brochures and everything. I felt bad because he just wanted to do some work for daddy so I could play with him.

So now it's great that we back up all of our data onto the offsite storage and I've been through three computers now and it's been a very easy transition to get all of my information, marketing materials, protocols, and everything training wise. I use Cbeyond Online to track my bills, to update services, and to track the status of my minutes with everything right there in one place."


"We're Cbeyond customers and we love it, yes! We really like working with Cbeyond and having Cbeyond as our partner because we're able to get very high quality, professional IT services on a very, very small budget.

Cbeyond's bundle makes it much more efficient because before we had a phone bill for three cell phones, we had a phone bill for our internet, we had a phone bill for the phones for the office and now it's all on one bill, it takes less time, and it's much easier to handle. And you can pay it online, it's really easy. Yup, pay it online. It saves time. We have to spend less money on our bookkeeper to handle everything. True.

So with Cbeyond, the installation procedure was seamless. They came out, the technicians took one day. They were done in and out in about 3 hours or so and it was all set up, never had a problem with it. It was seamless because I didn't even know they were there. We were switched and it was effective and it was painless."


"Cbeyond helps my business grow. Prior to coming to Cbeyond, we were with AT&T and had the poorest internet speed probably in the county. The T1 line installed by Cbeyond was seamless and took literally one day and had zero downtime for our company. The bandwidth has allowed us to send and receive artwork at amazing speeds, and allow us to capture our customers' needs and wants more quickly. The salesman assured me that the installation would be quick, easy, and painless. We've all heard that before so I was skeptical. However, this time they delivered. The technicians were in, got the wires for the T1 line up and running and then did the phone service. The installation was nearly as fast as the broadband service they provide.

I was so impressed with my Cbeyond service, I started to tell my customers about it, and then, out of the blue, I got a referral rebate in my bill from a customer that I didn't even know had actually signed up with Cbeyond.

Cbeyond made my business grow and saved me money.

Thanks Cbeyond."


"I've been a Cbeyond customer for almost ten years.

What I liked about Cbeyond was the services were bundled. I was able to offer my telephone, my long distance and my internet, along with my broadband access and my virtual private network.

Cbeyond has been a great provider for us; obviously we've been there for ten years. We've been very happy. We're a small business but like in any business regardless of size, telephone, long distance, broadband and virtual access all of that is important to our small business. They help us grow by providing efficiencies for these multiple services and it also gives us services that a large company would have. The platform is there, we might not utilize all these services at this point but we are expanding these services as we grown into it.

One of the other services that we are looking into now is offsite backup for our data files. It's very important to have the security and have access offsite because you never know in this day and age what type of catastrophe could occur."


"We are very data driven and our equipment is specialized with zero defect. With Cbeyond and the bundled package with mobile, I'm always connected to the office. We can forward our phones so we never miss a call.

With the VPN we can work from home so you can access your files very securely and safely. With the e-mail, it allows us to always stay connected to our customers any time of the day or night. In August '09, we moved our company from one location to another. We got together with our sales rep, he put us with the moving department and everything went so smooth. And in the process we even had upgraded because we got voice over IP phones, and they checked everything and did a very good job of making sure everything was working. It went very, very smoothly.

I love getting all our services from one provider. I only have one bill to worry about- very cost effective. I haven't found anybody that can beat the pricing. Reliability is key and Cbeyond provides that. They never let us down."


"We have been a Cbeyond customer since 2005. We use the fax-to-email service because it allows us to archive all of our history. We can have the paperwork there without having to go back and shuffle through piles of paper to find it.

We use the virtual receptionist on a daily basis. It's there to provide information for the customer ahead of time. It's also there to allow them to hear information that we want them to be aware of that doesn't require them to have to wait for me to give them the information. It's an expedient process for both them and for us. I can be doing other things. They get the advantage to call in, get the information, and go on about their business.

Cbeyond has been very reliable. When they originally came to us, the pricing structure that they provided was significantly better than anything else we'd seen. And the bundle together was able to give us everything we wanted in order to carry on the daily business without having to worry about the details."


"Caesar and a lot of his little buddies are available for adoption at the Atlanta Humane Society. We save the lives of countless dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens every day.

For us communications is of paramount importance. We have to make sure for us to do our rescues, to do our spay and neuter and to take care of thousands of needy lost, stray, and abandoned animals, we have a communications system that will work for us. We also have to be very cognizant, being a non-profit organization, of our donor's money, and we got the full package with Cbeyond.

We utilize Cbeyond's email services, we use their long distance services, their local communications services, and we have to take it for granted. We have to know that our communications services are available when we need it and that's what we get with Cbeyond.

We've been very pleased with it. We have a great relationship with Cbeyond. They're a wonderful company to work with and they've helped us save the lives of a lot of animals."


"We use Cbeyond for all of our communications needs.

We found out about Cbeyond through a friend. He had been working for another company that brought Cbeyond on and really, really enjoyed the service that they were getting and enjoyed having all of their communications bundled, and he brought them to us and it seemed to make sense for us.

We rely on dependable communication for all of our sales. We don't have any walk-in customers. We have clients all over the nation as well as around the state, and without dependable communications, we wouldn't be able to make the sales.

We use Cbeyond Online to pay all of our bills. It's really great. We get one bill that covers all of our communications costs from our cell phones to our business lines and our internet service provider and we're able to click and pay without having to print out the paperwork which is really important to us. We really strive to be a more green, caring company, and it makes sense for us."


"I've been with Cbeyond since 2009 and we have a whole solution of products with Cbeyond which includes web hosting, e-mail, T1-line, fax, phone numbers, and on top of that laptop cards and mobile. Besides mobile, we use another two layers of webhosting and as we all know as a small company how important it is to have a web presence. Cbeyond hosts our website which is not only secure but dependable as well.

Having one company providing everything and one bill coming from them saves me a lot of time and as we know that as a small business owner, time is money for us and every minute we can save that adds up to the bottom line for me. As Bombay bowl is ready to grow into multiple locations I think we have a perfect partner to grow with. Hoping that as we grow in our small organization I think Cbeyond will support us and take it to the next level."


"We've been a Cbeyond customer for over two years. Our customers go online day in and day out to order our products and we rely on the continuous uninterrupted service that we get from Cbeyond. And not to mention the phones, our phones ring all day every day. And a lot of our consumers learn about our products and they want to go to our website and find out more about our stamps stationary and then where they can buy it.

Without the Cbeyond service we wouldn't be able to do any of it, in fact if our internet would happen to go down for five minutes, we would be in a bad place. Plus we enjoy the fact that it's a bundled service, it's one bill, it's very simple. We also saved quite a bit on our phone service when we bundled the package and got the phone and internet all wrapped up."


"When I met with Cbeyond to discuss the Cbeyond Cloud Server for Just Right, my representative reviewed the benefits of the Cbeyond Cloud Server, including predictable expenses, anywhere access, automated maintenance, scalability, and reliability. And, to my delight, I learned Cbeyond's Cloud Server provides superior security and redundancy measures to protect data and ensure business continuity. I was sold. Cbeyond's virtual server keeps my sanity in check. The server requires very little configuration and all the updates are automatically done. Now that is peace of mind. Having a cloud virtual server has saved me an exponential amount of time, dramatically increased my productivity, and has saved us money by eliminating outsourcing other resources. The decision to keep all of our services with Cbeyond was a smart one for our business because we have no obstacles to jump over, and questions answered immediately. Also, having one provider with one monthly bill simplifies my life. Cbeyond is a win-win."


"Cbeyond is my IT department. I don't have to worry about hiring and building and buying and all kinds of other expensive tools because Cbeyond provides all of that backroom technology for me. I think my favorite thing about Cbeyond is that they do what they say they are going to do. I'm a small business and I don't have much time to waste and when I have to get shut down because of technology changes, server changes, or outages, that costs me time and it costs me money.

With Cbeyond, everything they said they were going to do they've done. They've done it quickly, they've done it efficiently, and they've been extremely friendly. I had questions on my initial series of bills and I called the Cbeyond billing number. They walked me through that, they answered all my questions- way beyond my satisfaction."


"We've been a Cbeyond customer since 2003. We use their broadband services and their VPN, which is a virtual private network. We're also a mobile customer so we can stay connected at all times; parents can reach me at any time through our networks.

I really love the calendar feature. I can put all my appointments on their and it keeps me on time to my appointments. With the hosted Microsoft exchange that Cbeyond uses I put it on my computer, it shows up on my phone and when I have an appointment I can click on that and it'll even give me directions how to get to where I'm going.

We really love the service, the customer service. We love the T1-line, it gives us fast internet for 20 to 30 computers. We love the connectivity with our mobile phones. Cbeyond has just been great for us."


"The predictability of the cost is an issue for us because as a small company cash flow is very important to us and so we have one bill that we pay. It's a predictable bill and it covers the range of services we need for voice, data, fax, hosting our public website, and for secure VPN access to our data by our software engineers.

We needed to do something different for hosting our public website as well as to improve our ability to provide VPN access to our systems. We were doing the old-fashioned way and Cbeyond offered a new alternative. Cbeyond was relatively new at that point and we were impressed by the innovative approach that was being taken and by the aggressive but fun approach that the guys that knocked on the door took.

Yes, we would recommend Cbeyond to others, and we have."


"My name is Dan Kirk, and I am the IT director for the Tappan Street restaurant group, more commonly known as Taco Mac restaurants for those of you in the Atlanta area.

We use Cbeyond as our telecommunications provider for probably about the last five years now. We use their T1 service at our corporate office. Our regional managers, our operations VPs can be at the restaurant power up their laptop, get on the WiFi, and work just like they would at our corporate office.

We use so much technology in our operations between the credit card processing, WiFi for our customers, our gift card program, and our very successful passport club program all rely directly on having that network connectivity between locations and especially out to the world. The price was right. It was the right service for us and the rest is history I guess."


"100% of my business is done either over the phone or on the internet. Without these services, I get lost. So, Cbeyond is there for me 100% of the time. All my calls, all my emails; I get them. That makes my business grow.

Cbeyond gives me one bill, one price. I've worked with other companies and it's lots of paperwork and lots of bills. For me, it makes it a lot easier when I can just deal with one company to get all the answers on one bill for one low price. What can be easier than that?

We are inventors of crazy, wacky, inflatable tube characters. We do custom pieces. We do large dancing inflatable bottles. You name it, we build it. You dream it, I build it. You want it, I've got it. It's Cbeyond that keeps me connected to you."


"We have been with Cbeyond for about three years, since 2007. We're a very satisfied Cbeyond customer and we are excited to be a part of the Cbeyond team.

One of the most important features of our Cbeyond service is the fax-to-email service. This is very important to Americare Services because we are able to receive faxes from our customers directly into our email and we are able to upload those into our electronic medical storage system.

We also use the toll-free 800 number service; Americare Service has multiple marketing campaigns going on at the same time. We actually use over 30 toll-free lines that Cbeyond manages for us. Because we are in the medical services industry, information accuracy is important. Cbeyond's reliability gives me confidence that my information is accurate."


"We have a cost-fixed certainty; we know what we will pay every month. We use the service, the sales people love the service, and it keeps them connected with the office. It's been a great deal for our business.

Cbeyond gave us a great package with internet and phone connection. Voice over IP, which at the time was something fairly new, and it's just allowed up to keep our sales growing every year when a lot of people in media haven't been able to do that.

They've been a great business partner with us, good service, good pricing, good sales people and anytime we have had a problem, which has been very rare, and the problem has been solved that same day."


"The personal attention I get from Cbeyond's customer service is hands down the best. They are there, I often feel like I am there only customer there so responsive. It's easy to refer Cbeyond; I often refer them and get credit on my bills for the referrals. What a great program that is!

We've been with Cbeyond now for over eight years and just completely satisfied. In fact, were so satisfied that if a competitor calls, and they do, I simply say, "Ya know it doesn't matter what you offer me, we are not going to switch from Cbeyond.""


"I switched to Cbeyond because it gave me features that were way beyond the capacity of my previous carriers. Cbeyond has been good for our business because it has allowed us to bring together our landlines with our mobile phones. It's allowed me to integrate our cell phone and our landline voicemail and we've saved money by getting rebates on our bill.

We frequently send and receive large AutoCad and PDF office furniture plans. With Cbeyond's broadband and whalemail feature, we can send these files quickly and collaborate with colleagues more easily."


"Secure Backup is a no-brainer for us, we have it uploading our customer files at midnight and in morning they come in and it's already done. The benefits for us having our files outside the building is if anything does happen inside the building, a crash, we have had computer crashes we've lost files had issues with the files, corruption. We were able to relocate those files and build our files back up within a day or two.

Cbeyond gives us the security of knowing our files are always safe offsite."


"We picked Cbeyond based on their bundled services and their broadband connection. The Cbeyond services allow us to have our employees work from home when they choose to and our out of state reps communicate with the brewery. The Cbeyond internet connection allows us to have a consistent, reliable communication with our customers which are very enthused about using that mode of communication with us.

Would we recommend Cbeyond to other customers? Yes we would.

I'm David Zuckerman with Boulder beer and we use Cbeyond for our communications."


"We use Cbeyond's secure backup to backup our POS system as well as some accounting files. We back up within our company but then we also backup online with that service so that we get maximum protection. We use our e-mail services to keep in contact with customers throughout the world. We ship saddles internationally all the time and it gives us the opportunity to answer those customer's questions and they don't have the expense of having to call us with international rates."


"Through Cbeyond, we are able to provide accurate access to vital healthcare information. We deal with high-risk fetuses, stressed mothers, and doctors who need immediate information that's accurate and timely.

Through Cbeyond, we are able to remain HIPAA compliant, and our handful of doctors who are located in dozens of locations seeing hundreds of patients are able to utilize their VPN network.

Through Cbeyond, I believe we remain competitive and actually have an advantage and at the same time without compromise to patient outcomes."


"I have never experienced a better telecommunications than Cbeyond. I have never received better customer service than they've provided my company, bar none. If I had a problem they were Johnny on the spot. They actually found problems before I even knew I had them and then came and told me about them and fixed them.

Amazing, absolutely amazing! I'm doing this free and it's because I happen to think Cbeyond is the best thing that happened to my company."


"Our company relies on communications and internet service and one of the two things we like about Cbeyond is that they have provided reliable services for those 8 years.

Whenever we had a problem they were quick to correct it. The two things we like about Cbeyond are their reliability and their quick response. And we are constantly looking for ways to streamline our business, make it more efficient and we have found that with Cbeyond."


"Cbeyond, through the T1 and the internet access, allows us to market Rockmount everywhere. We've had inquiries from Antarctica, down the street, Europe, and Asia. It's our portal to the world. It's very efficient to deal with one supplier for internet, long distance, and telephone. It's one bill. It's automatically charged each month, and it's very efficient."


"Sometimes we have opportunities like we were on the Deen Brothers' Road Tasted show on the Food Network, and when that happened, we got hit with thousands of telephone calls, emails and we really need reliable phone service and internet service that we can count on when we have those opportunities. Cbeyond is very straightforward: one provider with many solutions."


"We like having all the services within one company. That gives us the opportunity to only have one bill and one point of contact if we do have any problems and when we have, we've been very happy with the customer service that we've been provided when we do have an issues."


"Lorie Long

Thank you Cbeyond for the excellent service in the transfer of our business phones from Verizon to Cbeyond. I would definitely refer you and looking forward to the savings!!!! Hope to give you many referrals. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=213754891977753&id=100000297325936"


"I've even had Cbeyond call me and say "you appear to be having a problem with this" and we weren't even aware that we had a problem, but they were already working on it. So, that was very convenient and efficient for us."
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